Oklahoma’s turnaround
starts with transparency

"The career politicians who got us into this mess
can’t get us out."

- Kevin Stitt

Oklahoma recently received a “D+” in online budget transparency, ranking in the Bottom Ten once again in another important category. Change in Oklahoma government starts with delivering transparency and accountability directly to the taxpayer, in real time. 

Other states are doing it, yet Oklahoma’s current website is years behind on providing accurate data on what each state agency is spending. No wonder agencies can get away with slush funds and missing revenue for years without notice! Read more about Kevin Stitt’s plan here


Put Oklahoma's
Checkbook Online

Let’s take a hard look at what has transpired at the Health Department. The recent audit that uncovered a $30 million slush fund was the result of “senior leadership routinely exaggerating revenues” and inside political “cronies” not providing promised oversight. 

Despite this discovery, who has been fired? Who has been held accountable? This is unacceptable, especially when 200 Oklahomans lost their jobs shortly before Christmas due to accounting gimmicks under the watch of political appointees. Kevin is ready to bring outsiders to state government, with direct experience and expertise in their professions to help turn Oklahoma around.





Kevin Stitt’s 165 field offices at Gateway undergo regular audits every year, and Kevin applies performance metrics to enforce strict oversight over every dime that is spent. Performance metrics = accountability, efficiency and results. 

Kevin Stitt will meet with every agency head to set performance metrics. He will deploy modern software to track these metrics and require agencies to publish regular reports, like publicly-traded companies do with their investors. It’s time to hold government to the same standards as a business. Oklahomans deserve to know what results state agencies are delivering when they spend our hard-earned tax dollars. 

It’s time to end politics as usual and enforce common-sense transparency and accountability in state government. 


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